About My Approach to Content Management

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, but have worked extensively around the Aisa Pacific region.

Content, document, and workflow management has been my bread and butter as a consultant for over 10 years, using a multiplicity of ECM technologies. In reality, my experience in the realm of automating content centric business processes as a business analyst / PM or solution architect goes back another 20 years. It’s just that those ECM labels weren’t around!

Some of my time has been spent formally as part of IT, but the majority has been in the business, which is as it should be. Process improvement or innovation and information management need to be business focussed and driven. The business also has to take serious responsibility for, and invest significantly in ongoing information maintenance.

I have always taken a very people and process oriented approach towards information management. Organisational process maturity and culture are critical factors in the success of any information management solution. I style what I do as the fusion of content, process, metrics and culture.

SharePoint 2010 is a very big focus for me at the moment. I primarily work as a senior consultant with Synergy Corporate Technologies. I also work as an advisor to clients and vendors of content management related technologies, helping with process improvement, product direction or implementation, governance, licensing, intellectual property, channel and technology alliances.


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